This program imports the log files (Proxy Access, Proxy User, Proxy Error and Proxy Connections) of the nice Firewall - Proxy - Cache Server CSM Proxy and CSM Proxy Plus into an Microsoft Access Database.

At the moment this program is called CSMLOG 1.0 but is still Beta. You're free to test and use it ... I hope it's helpfult for your demands. Comments and suggestions are very welcome. If you develop Reports, Queries and other additional tools inside the Access Database please let me know. I could add it to future versions of the program.

To start you have to adjust the File csmlog.ini which contains 2 file paths - the MS Access Database and the Filepath of your Proxy Log Files. At the moment I import the daily and monthly logfile. Support for weekly will be added sometimes ...

Download Visual Basic 5.0 Sourcecode as ZIP-File (35KB) or EXE-File (61KB).

Download Programm and Runtime Environment as ZIP-File (3.17 MB) or EXE-File (3.20 MB).

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